Security Cameras -HOME or BUSINESS

FULL HD 1080P Systems

We provide all our customers with the latest systems in clarity. We value your investment so we make sure you get the best value!

Complete Installation

We run all wiring in your attic and conceal. We put cameras where you want them and angle them to maximize your viewing. Professional work is our goal!

Hard Drive Recording

All of our systems come with a hard drive inside the DVR to store your recordings. This feature allows you to playback from any device including your PHONE!

Night Vision

Having 1080P FULL HD allows you to see over 100ft at NIGHT in pitch dark. During the day you get some amazing clarity and wide angle degrees on the cameras. Night Vision is critical when protecting your HOME or BUSINESS! 


Work long hours? Want to see what is going on when your not around? This is our most popular feature of the systems. See in real time straight to your phone. We configure the system for your viewing 24/7 with no monthly fees whatsoever. 

Playback video

The playback feature is important to monitor activity that you have missed in real time. Go back over a week and even play back from your PHONE. Get best results from this feature directly on your computer or the DVR.